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What are the best phone deals for kids?

Time for your child to have their own phone? It’s an exciting first step towards independence for any kid to get their first phone, but often it comes with a headache for the parents as well. What if they run out of credit to contact you? How much data will they need? How can you make sure they stay safe online?

While some companies offer specific kid-friendly phone plans, another good option is to choose a simple and cheap plan for your child. The kinds of features and data allowances that your kid needs will depend on their age, and the amount you’re willing to pay for their phone usage. Here are some of the things to consider when choosing your child’s phone plan.

Prepaid or postpaid

When choosing a plan for your kid, the first thing you should consider is if you want to opt for a prepaid or a postpaid plan. Prepaid plans mean you pay in advance of usage, effectively putting a cap on the amount of calls, texts and data your child can access. This is a great way to keep costs in check and teach your kid the importance of moderation. Postpaid means you pay at the end of the billing cycle, and can mean a shock if your kid goes way over what you expect them to use.

Unlimited texts and calls

A big reason to get your kid a mobile phone is so that they can contact you in an emergency. Choosing a plan that includes unlimited texts and calls is a good option to ensure that they never exceed their plan’s limits and get stuck without being able to contact you. Some plans will include the possibility to make unlimited calls to people with the same provider, which could be an option if your current phone company offer a good deal for kids as well.

Data limits

Data is the most expensive part of any phone plan these days, and the amount you want your kid to have access to will depend on both their age and your personal preference. Older kids are more likely to want to use social media, with video-heavy apps like TikTok chewing through a lot of data. Plans with cheap excess data rates and a usage warning system (SMS alerts when the monthly allowance is reached) are a good way to keep data use under control.

Kid-friendly features

Some kid-specific plans will come with features designed to help keep children safe online and allow parents to monitor usage. Optional add-ons include safe browsing features, location alerts, app and camera management, and more. These can be especially handy for young kids if you worry about their online safety, but still want them to be able to contact you. 

Type of phone

Chances are your kid wants the latest iPhone, but investing that kind of money on an item that they could potentially break or lose isn’t an option for every parent. A hardier, less expensive phone might be the way to go – brands like Samsung, Google Pixel, OPPO and Motorola offer budget-friendly smartphones that have all the features kids need, without the price tag.

At the end of the day, you know what is best for your child. There are a lot of good, cost-effective options out there, so you can find something that both fulfils your child’s needs and won’t blow the family budget!

Sally Writes 23 Dec 2020