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News and tips for saving on utilities

How To Avoid Credit Card Debt This Holiday Season

Don't pay more in interest these holidays! Follow our easy tips for setting a budget and sticking to it to avoid credit card debt in the festive season. Read more.

Sally Writes 25 Nov 2021

How Much Should I Save Each Month?

Confused about how much money you should be saving each month? It can be hard to work out how much to spend and how much to save from each pay cheque. However, there are some simple guidelines to follow for saving money more consistently and ensuring you

Sally Writes 25 Nov 2021

How to Improve Your Credit Score for Loan Applications

Credit scores are vital if you're looking to take out a home loan or personal loan. A lower credit score can prevent you from getting the amount you require or the best interest rate on your loan.

Sally Writes 04 Nov 2021

Will My Credit Score Stop Me Getting A Mortgage?

Worried about a low credit score affecting your home loan application? We have all the info you need to improve your credit score and get approved. Find out more.

Sally Writes 22 Oct 2021

How To Get A Home Loan: A Mortgage Beginner's Guide

If you're ready for your first home loan, read this for all the answers to your questions about mortgages, interest rates, loan terms, deposits and more.

Sally Writes 15 Oct 2021

How To Set Up Your Utilities When Renting

13 Oct 2021

Bundling Your Insurance: How Do You Do It and Is It Worth It?

If you hold more than one insurance policy, you could be eligible for multi-policy discounts from certain providers. We explain bundling your insurance.

Sally Writes 07 Sep 2021

Moving Into a New House Checklist

Here's a thorough checklist of the things you need to do and when to do them, if you are moving into a new house. Moving house can be an exciting but often stressful process.

25 Aug 2021

Moving Home Checklist

Here's a comprehensive checklist of things you need to do and when to do them, if you are moving into a new home.

23 Aug 2021

Change of Address Checklist

We've tried to compile the most comprehensive change of address checklist, so that you can relax and feel confident that you have notified everyone about your new address.

17 Aug 2021

Three Things To Help You Secure A House Deposit

Struggling to get on the property ladder? If you're saving for a home deposit, check out these three ways that you could reach your goal sooner. Read more.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Maximise Your Tax Refund With Health Insurance And More

To claim more at tax time, make sure you know what deductions you can claim and invest in private health insurance to avoid additional surcharges. Read more.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Choosing The Best Pay TV Service For Your Household

Take a look at the Pay TV options that are best for you - with dramas, docos, sport, movies, lifestyle shows and more at your fingertips. Find out more.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Health Insurance for Pregnancy: Your Questions Answered

Confused by pregnancy health cover? We answer your top 5 questions on health insurance for pregnancy, including waiting period, newborn cover and IVF.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Family Health Insurance: Who Is Included In Your Cover?

Family health insurance policies give you peace of mind - but who is included in your cover? Find out more about the age limits on family health policies.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Can Energy-Efficient Appliances Save You Money?

Is it worth investing in energy-efficient appliances? Read more on how these more efficient appliances use less energy and save you money in the long term.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Should You Make The Switch From Gas To Electric?

Should you use gas or electric cooking appliances? Find out which can save you money, improve efficiency, and offer environmental benefits. Read more.

Sally Writes 07 Jul 2021

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A New Electricity Provider

If you're considering switching electricity providers, take a look at these five factors to help you choose a company that's right for you. Read more.

Sally Writes 19 May 2021

What Should I Do With My Savings?

Saved up some money? That's great! Find out the best things to do with your savings, whether you want to grow your money, invest, or buy property. Read more.

Sally Writes 10 May 2021

Tips For Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

If you are selling your home, you need to find the right real estate agent to get you the best sales price. But what should you be looking for in an agent? Find out more.

Sally Writes 05 May 2021