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5 of the Best Binge Worthy Shows Released on Stan This Year

One of the only things this year has been good for was bringing us so many new, addicting TV shows and giving us more time at home to watch them.

It’s safe to say, Australia’s local streaming service, Stan, rivals Netflix with the quality of shows on its platform. To get you through the rest of the year, here are, in no particular order, 5 of the best shows released on Stan in 2020.

Gangs of London

This gripping crime series begins when Finn Wallace, the notorious leader of London’s largest criminal organisation, is assassinated – and no one knows who did it. In the power vacuum that ensues, Sean Wallace (Joe Cole), the son of the ruling gangster, must fight to uphold his family’s control despite the bloody cost. The network of rival gangs on the streets of London brings adrenaline-charged action alongside nuanced character drama to make this easily one of the best shows on Stan.

Your Honor

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston is always a joy to see back on our screens. In this new legal thriller, fraught with tension, Cranston plays a New Orleans judge, Michael Desiato, who must break the law he has dedicated his life to upholding when his son accidentally murders another young man in a hit and run. When it’s discovered that the victim is the son of a ruthless crime boss, Michael is forced to grapple with how far he will go to protect his child. High-stakes and impossible choices creates a nail-biting melodrama you cannot miss.

Love Life

Love Life follows the charming and relatable Darby Carter (Anna Kendrick) through her twenties in New York as she navigates love, heartbreak and the growing up it forces us to do. A unique take on the romantic comedy genre, each episode of this 10-part series captures the story of one of Darby’s significant romances, from her first love to lasting love. The comedic ups and downs of our twenties are captured in this real and often poignant tale. Love Life shows us that it’s not just the person we end up with, but all the ones along the way too, that have a lasting and valuable influence on our lives and the person we become. 

After the Night

Netflix is not the only streaming service that makes quality, original shows [link to ‘Best Shows on Netflix Australia’ blog]. In one of Stan’s newest Originals, we delve into the enigmatic story of one of Australia’s most infamous serial killers, Eric Edgar Cooke. Full of chilling reveals, After the Night shows just how many lives were impacted by Cooke’s string of horrific crimes, including the lives of two Perth men who were wrongly convicted for two of Cooke’s murders. This four-part docuseries examines the shocking true story of heinous crime, police cover ups and the aftershocks that echoed through Australia for decades.

Normal People

Perhaps the very best series that Stan brought to us this year, Normal People does incredible justice to the honest and totally absorbing love story between Marianne (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and Connell (Paul Mescal) from the best-selling novel by Sally Rooney.

There is nothing particularly remarkable about the on-again-off-again relationship of this young couple as they move from high school through to university. What is remarkable is how beautifully such a simple story can be told. Normal People captures just how profoundly two people can impact each other’s lives. The radiant performances and palpable chemistry between Edgar-Jones and Mescal make this show feel like something more than just another romantic drama.

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Sally Writes 23 Dec 2020