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A Complete Guide to Fetch TV | Should You Make the Switch?

TV is a fast paced and ever-changing landscape. It’s hard to keep up with the vast array of streaming services, Apple TV, Pay TV, Telstra TV and now, Fetch TV.

With so many different TV platforms providing different value to consumers, there was still a gap left in the market. Fetch TV saw the demand for streaming and on-demand TV with entertainment and sports packages all rolled into one simple box.

But if you haven’t heard of it before, you’ll be wondering what Fetch TV even is. Here is our comprehensive guide to Fetch TV to get you started.

What is Fetch TV?

Fetch TV is a streaming video-on-demand (SVOD) device that provides a platform for accessing subscription services, such as Netflix [link to best shows on Netflix blog] and Stan. After purchasing your physical Fetch TV device, you have the opportunity to purchase access to a variety of other streaming packs. This means Fetch TV marries both subscription entertainment services, like Netflix, with ‘cable television’ channels, like ESPN and BBC in one cost-effective place.

The bonus entertainment packs available on Fetch TV include:

  • Variety: Featuring BBC, 111 and more
  • Knowledge: Featuring Nat Geo, Food Network and more
  • Kids: Featuring the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and more
  • Vibe: Featuring ESPN, MTV, Comedy Central and more

Each pack is priced at $6 a month or $20 a month for a bundle that includes all four packs and 35 channels altogether.

The variety of TV options doesn’t end there. There are more special interest packs available, including packs with channels from around the world. These packs are roughly an additional $15 per month.

Fetch Mighty vs Fetch Mini

Fetch TV has simplified its offering into two products: Fetch Mighty and Fetch Mini. The RRP for Fetch Mighty is more expensive at $449 compared to $169 for Fetch Mini.

The simple difference between the two is that Fetch Mighty allows you to record live TV while Fetch Mini does not. With Fetch Mighty, you can watch a channel while simultaneously recording up to six other channels. Its mighty hard drive space means it can record up to 585 hours in standard definition.

The final key difference between the two is that Fetch Mighty offers 4K resolution while Fetch Mini offers simply HD quality.

Other Features

The Fetch Mighty and Mini are alike in providing the following extra features:

  • Access to more than 5000 movies to rent or buy
  • Access to a selection of free pre-selected movies each month
  • Ability to pause and rewind live TV
  • Built-in apps, allowing you to watch Netflix, for example, provided you have your own subscription
  • Free-to-air catch-up TV apps, such as Tenplay, ABC iView and SBS On Demand

How Does It Work?

Accessing Fetch TV is simple. You first need to purchase the media player outright after which you can access all its content using your current Internet service provider (ISP).

However, there are six main ISPs that offer a broadband plan and Fetch TV in a bundle deal that offers even better value for money. The providers include:

  • iPrimus
  • Aussie Broadband
  • Optus
  • Internode
  • iiNet
  • Dodo

Should I Switch to Fetch?

As far as access to the widest range of entertainment channels goes, Pay TV services like Foxtel are a strong rival. Where Fetch TV stands out is by offering integrated access to built-in apps, such as Stan, Netflix and free-to-air catch-up TV apps.

For those using Foxtel who want to access these services, they need to purchase another device such as Apple TV or the Foxtel Now Box. These are affordable avenues for accessing the aforementioned apps. But when Fetch TV can offer it all in one place at reasonable prices, it’s an offer that’s hard to dismiss.

If Fetch TV and the broadband bundle deals that include it have piqued your interest, the experts at Compare & Connect can quickly find and summarise the best deals available. At no cost to you, you can avoid the time-consuming hassle of researching different offerings yourself by visiting Compare & Connect today instead.

Sally Writes 16 Dec 2020