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Does Content Insurance Cover You While Moving to A New House?

Moving house is one of the most stressful events in any person’s life. From packing boxes, cleaning out cupboards, and going through the never ending list of address changes, there are just so many tasks to tick off the list.

One of the most important things not to forget is moving insurance—also known as transit insurance. One common misconception is that your house and contents insurance will cover any damages or lost items incurred during moving house. This is not always the case.

Discovering that your furniture is lost, or your favourite plates are broken, is bad enough when moving into a new house. But what about if you don’t have the insurance to cover the cost of replacing your beloved belongings?

What is Transit Insurance?

Transit insurance protects the contents of your house from damage and loss when it is being moved. In comparison, house and contents insurance usually only protects your belongings when they are safe and sound, inside your house.

You can purchase transit insurance from your regular insurance provider or, if you’ve decided to hire a removalist, they might offer coverage.

What Does Transit Insurance Cost?

If you choose to purchase transit insurance through your removalist or as a standalone product, the cost depends on several factors, including:

  • What sort of coverage – have you opted for new for old replacement?
  • What you’re moving – does it include expensive artwork and breakable pianos?
  • How far your belongings are being moved – just around the corner or across the globe?
  • How items are being moved – by road, rail or even sea freight?
  • The excess amount

Top Tips for Moving House Insurance

Here are our top tips for insurance when moving house:

  1. If you’ve hired a removalist company, don’t assume that their insurance covers your household belongings. It is highly likely that it won’t. Most removalists offer transit coverage as an optional extra, with additional costs involved.
  1. If transit insurance is available through your removalist, ask for policy documents and be sure to read through any T&Cs carefully. You should know exactly what it is that you’re covered, and paying, for. Pay particular attention to clauses around replacement of old for new, as well as items that are lost in transit.
  1. Even if your removalist offers insurance, it’s worth obtaining quotes from multiple companies. You just never know how much you can save. Be sure to check with online providers too—you can often nab a bargain online.
  1. Be sure to check how quickly the insurance company can process your claim (in the event that you need to make one). There are some things you really just can’t go without for too long—like your fridge.

Once you have settled into the new place, you can start looking for a new home and contents insurance policy.

Sally Writes 05 Dec 2020