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Easy, Inexpensive Ways To Increase Your Internet Speed

Are you desperate for a faster and more reliable Internet connection? There’s nothing more tedious than staring at your computer screen while it buffers or loads. Instead, as more and more of our lives have moved online, we’ve come to expect websites, videos and photos to load in less than a second.

If you’re wondering how to increase your Internet speed, there’s luckily a lot of ways to solve the issue. Try some of these tips and tricks so you can stop moving at a snail’s pace online.

Upgrade Your Router

If your router is more than five years old, then purchasing a new upgrade could make a world of difference to your Internet speeds. A new router can improve your WiFi range, strengthen your signal and manage the demands of multiple devices with greater ease.

Whilst this may sound like gibberish, the best routers are dual- or triple-band routers that broadcast at 5GHz frequencies. That describes most routers these days but it’s still a good idea to check before buying.

Re-Position Your Router

This may sound elementary but simply placing your router in the centre of your house will improve the signal reaching your devices. If the router is equidistant from every corner that needs Internet, you are less likely to run into connectivity issues. This is a perfect, cost-free solution, which is worth a try before looking to solutions that require opening your wallet.

You can also adjust the way your router’s antennas are angled to make a difference to your connection. In a one storey house, it’s best to have all the antennas angled upwards. However, if you have a second-storey, the router will perform best with at least one antenna angled horizontally.

Use Ethernet Connections

If your computer is in the same room as the router, a quick and easy way to improve your Internet speed is to connect the two via an Ethernet cable. Wi-Fi is great for allowing you to connect devices to the Internet from afar, but when your device is so close anyway, there’s no reason to connect wirelessly.

Instead, a wired connection bypasses many connectivity problems that are a consequence of accessing the Internet wirelessly.

Make Sure You’re Getting Your Money’s Worth

The problem with connectivity issues and slow Internet could lie with your service provider. But rather than switching providers just in case, you can receive a Google report on your Internet speed within seconds by searching ‘internet speed test’ in Google. The first result will display a button labelled ‘Run Speed Test’, which will tell you your Mbps speed.

Compare this with your broadband plan to check whether or not your Internet is performing below what has been promised. If none of the above steps have resolved your slow Internet, then it may be time to consider switching providers.

At Compare & Connect, we can help you find your optimal broadband plan based on your personal preferences for speed, cost and other features. Rather than trawling the web (especially with a slow connection) to compare deals yourself, our experts can help you make the most informed decision within minutes.

Sally Writes 19 Oct 2020