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How Do I Change My Internet Provider? | Save on Broadband

Are you unhappy with your current Internet provider but feel trapped by the daunting prospecting of switching to a different provider? The common perception is that changing Internet providers is perhaps more hassle than it’s worth. But if you could be spending less with a different provider and receiving a better quality of broadband, then it’s probably time to swap.

But how long will you be without an Internet connection between the swap? How do you get out of my current contract? We’ll explain how to change Internet providers in the most seamless and trouble-free way.

Finding a New Plan

Choosing a new plan means considering your Internet habits to find a plan that fits your needs. If your household is small and made up of light Internet users who simply browse the web and send emails, then you don’t need to be paying for an expensive plan.

On the other hand, if you have a household with roughly 5 people who all like to stream Netflix in HD in the evenings, you will likely need one of the NBN plans with the fastest Internet speeds.

Choosing between providers can be time-consuming. By not researching thoroughly you may wind up with a new Internet plan that you don’t like much more than your previous one.

To ensure the switch is worth the effort, Compare & Connect can find the very best plan suited to your Internet needs at the most affordable price. Not to mention, it costs you nothing to have us hook you up with the best deal .

Migrating Data

There is a chance that changing Internet providers can mean losing your landline phone number. If you want to keep the same number it’s important to let your current and new provider know. That way the new provider can begin the transfer process before your current provider disconnects you.

Your email address may be linked to your Internet provider too. That doesn’t have to be a big issue. Many providers will allow you to keep your email address for a small fee. Others may not. It might be time to a new email address that can move with you, like a Gmail account, Outlook account or similar. Most Internet providers will allow some time before closing down your email address. During that time, you can set up email forwarding from your old account to your new one so long as your old account is still active.

Contracts and Downtime


If your current contract hasn’t ended, you may be charged a fee for early cancellation. Even without a contract, there may be small fees. You may need to pay to keep the modem your Internet provider supplied you. However, if you are unhappy with your service, these costs may need to be borne to upgrade to a better one.


If you have an existing modem that you can use to connect to your new provider, the switch between providers can take less than an hour. Ask your new provider how long the switch will take so you know what to expect.

The switch may take longer if you are changing from an ADSL service to the NBN, since an NBNco technician will need to visit your house to finalise the setup. This is a switch every Australian needs to make at some point. It provides a great opportunity to change Internet providers at the same time.

Don’t put off changing to a better suited and more affordable provider just because of the effort it will take. If you want help minimising the hassle, Compare & Connect can compare plans to help you find the best one, and then facilitate the disconnection and reconnection with your new provider. Get in touch today with our experts to get our help for free

Sally Writes 25 Oct 2020