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How Do I Switch To NBN?

Are you wondering how to switch to the NBN? Then you’re in the right place. This simple guide will take you through the three main steps you need to get you online in no time.

Before you keep reading though, you’ll first need to check whether your property is NBN-ready. While the NBN roll-out is quite advanced, there are still some addresses where it is not yet available. To do so, all you need to do is pop in your address here via the NBN website.

Switching To NBN in 3 Easy Steps

1. Research a Provider and a Plan

Doing your research is where is all starts in deciding which provider and plan is right for you.

If you have never had an NBN plan, hardware such as a modem, power supply unit and connection box should be included in the NBN package from your new provider.

When doing your research make sure you ask provider about these items.

Also, consider what devices may be affect in your home, such as any medical items that may require internet, as they might be impacted during the switch, as your internet carry-over may take 48 hours to be in working order.

Finally, if would like to hold onto your existing landline phone number, you will have to confirm this with your provider.

Other things to consider are:

  • How much data will the family use?
  • What speed is suited to your needs?
  • What is the monthly budget and contract length?
  • Can you save money by bundling services like NBN, landline and mobile phones?

Every new NBN will also have setup costs, and if you choose a longer term contract over a pay-by-the-month model, you are sure to save money.

If you’re ready to compare NBN plans, why not start here.

Which NBN Speed is Best for Me?

When it comes to NBN, need and price will be a huge factor with your decision. Also, what you might need to consider is how many people in your home require the internet?

Here are some activities that can use large amount of internet data:

  • Working from home
  • Live video games
  • TV streaming
  • Large file downloads

If you’d like more information, take a look at our recent post What is a Good Internet Speed?

2. Commit To Your New NBN Provider

Once you’ve found your perfect plan delivered by the perfect provider, it’s time to sign on the dotted line. When locking in a new provider, be sure that you confirm installation requirements and timeframes. Generally, if you’re switching between providers, it should take around three days for your service to be transferred. But, keep in mind that the timeframe will depend on factors like your location. Sometimes, the NBN provider may also need to send a technician out to your property, which will require booking in an appointment.

3. Cancel Your Existing Internet Service

Next up, you’ll need to cancel you existing internet service. When doing this, you should double check any cancellation fees that might be involved, as well as the specific cut-out off date (particularly if there is going to be a lag between the cut off of your old provider and the commencement of your new provider. Finally, if you’ve been using an email address connected to your internet service provider, you might want to go through your inbox and make sure you have a copy of everything you need.

Sally Writes 05 Dec 2020