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How Energy Efficient Appliances Can Help Your Power Bill

How Energy Efficient Appliances Can Help Your Power Bill

Whether you’re fitting out your new home or just updating the odd appliance, opting for energy efficient options could save you hundreds each year. Thanks to an incentive by the Australian government, comparing the energy efficiency of various appliances has never been easier.

Appliances account for around 30% of your household’s power bill. From the fridge and television to your washing machine and dryer, these big power users can take a toll on your energy bill if they aren’t performing efficiently.

We’ve broken it down to explain how energy efficient appliances can help your power bill, and how to find the perfect option.

Determining The Energy Efficiency Of Your Appliances

The Energy Rating Calculator allows users to compare the energy efficiency of fridges, televisions, washers, dryers, dishwashers and aircons. The principle is simple to understand – the more stars, the more energy efficient. The lower the energy consumption score, the more money you’ll save come bill time.

To put this practically, we compared two dyers of the same capacity to see how much you could save over 10 years - depending on your choice.

The LG WXLC-1216B dryer with a 2.5-star energy rating will cost you around $1,145 to run over 10 years.

In direct comparison, the Miele TxR8x0 WP dryer with a 9-star energy rating will cost you a mere $347 to run over 10 years.

That’s a whopping $798 in savings!

Now imagine the savings you could make by trading out all your old appliances for newer models with a higher energy star rating.

The Energy Rating Calculator is an online tool that’s free to use. Before making your next appliance purchase, why not jump online and compare how your favourite models stack up?

Our top tip is to ensure you’re comparing models of the same capacity or volume. This way, you can be confident your comparison is accurate.

Are They Worth The Higher Price?

Although appliances that are more energy efficient typically carry a higher price tag, they’ll save you precious dollars in the long run. Considering your average appliance should last you the next 6-15 years, the savings accumulated in running costs from year-to-year far outweigh the extra outlay on purchase.

What More Can I Do To Save?

While energy efficient appliances will do most of the power-saving for you, there are still steps you can take to help your home run more economically. For example, using cold cycles on your washing machine and dishwasher where possible will save on water heating costs. The old trick of turning appliances off at the power point when not in use can also save you wasting standby power – which accounts for 3% of your homes power usage.

If you’re on top of your energy efficient appliances but still feel like your power bill is a little too high, it could be time to consider changing providers. Our free comparison service allows you to compare power plans from the market’s top providers to find the best option for you. Try online now or give us a call

Sally Writes 21 Jan 2021