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Six Ways to Save Money on Your Gas Bill - Energy and Gas

Six Ways to Save Money on Your Gas Bill

Are you looking for ways to save money on your gas bill? Energy and Gas can help.

There are few things worse than opening up the mail, only to find a painfully expensive gas bill. In particular, many households find that their gas bill goes through the roof during the cold winter months when they’re using gas appliances more to heat up the house, or they’re using more hot water.

Luckily, there are a few simple steps that you can take that will help to reduce the burden of your gas bill.

1.   Switch Your Hot Water System

In Australia, almost half of all households use a gas system to heat their water. However, if you have a gas hot water system, you may not realise that there are two different types that you can choose from: Storage and Instantaneous.

The difference between storage and instantaneous gas systems is that storage systems keep water heated in an insulated storage tank to be used as needed, whereas an instantaneous system heats the water as it is used. Switching to an instantaneous system can save you money because storage systems require constant heating and therefore use more gas.

2.   Minimise Hot Water Use

Using less hot water is a sure-fire way to cut back on your gas bill. For example, take showers rather than baths, try to minimise showering time, switch to a low-flow shower head and fix any leaks.

3.   Don’t Pre-Heat Your Oven

If you have a gas oven, you likely don’t actually have to pre-heat it. Gas ovens heat up a lot more quickly than electric ovens, which means you can almost always skip the pre-heating step that some recipes call for. Pre-heating your gas oven just wastes gas. Additionally, try to refrain from opening the oven door while your food is cooking as this allows heat to escape, which means that more gas is required to reach the set temperature again.

4.   Choose Different Settings for Your Water-Using Appliances

Almost all dishwashers and washing machines have settings which allow you to wash your dishes or clothes using water at a lower temperature. Additionally, you should try to only use these appliances when you can wash a full load rather than just a couple of plates of a few items of clothing.

5.   Invest in Insulation

In winter, many households spend exorbitant amounts on their gas bill due to an increased use of the gas heating system. However, effectively insulating and sealing your home can mean that your home naturally stays at a far more comfortable temperature, reducing the need for heating.

6.   Compare Your Gas Plan

If you haven’t compared your gas plan in a while, you may be missing out on a more affordable option. Using Energy and Gas’s gas comparison service can help you choose a gas plan that is better suited to your personal needs, circumstances and budget.

Sally Writes 29 Jun 2020