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The Benefits of Renewable Energy

Before we get into the benefits of renewable energy, let’s first understand exactly what it is. Fossil fuels - such as gas, oil and coal - are a finite resource, meaning once they are exhausted, we can no longer rely on them for energy production. Renewable energy sources, on the other hand, are self-replenishing in nature and extremely unlikely to ever run out.

Renewable Energy sources include wind turbines, solar panels and hydropower. Relying on these replenishable energy sources for your power has plenty of benefits which we’ll explore below.

Better For The Environment

The most significant benefit of renewable energy is the good it does for our planet. Burning fossil fuels to produce power emits large volumes of greenhouse gas which has an extremely harmful impact on the environment. Renewable energy sources are a far cleaner and more sustainable alternative, releasing minimal to no greenhouse emissions.


You can install your own renewable energy systems at home, such as solar panels, to increase your power self-sustainability. While this might not mean you can be entirely self-reliant for your electricity needs, you’ll be able to supplement your electricity. By installing a solar battery to store you solar generated power, you can come close to supplementing your entire power consumption. This can make you far less affected by mains outages and fluctuating electricity prices.

Save You Money

Although installing renewable energy sources can be expensive upfront, there are considerable savings to be made in the long run. The more of your own generated energy you consume, the less you’ll need to use from the grid, which looks great come bill time.

The actual duration it will take for you to payback your outlaid costs for a solar system depends on your battery size, how much sun your location receives, the angle of your roof and your retailer. However, the general estimate is between 4-7 years. Once this period has lapsed, those power bill savings will be landing straight in your pocket.

Feed In Tariffs

Another financial benefit of renewable energy is the feed-in tariffs you may be eligible for. This means that you could sell some of your excess solar energy back into the grid. How much, exactly, these tariffs could earn you will depend on certain criteria, including where you live and who your provider is.

Better For Our Health

The harmful by-products of burning fossil fuels for power take their toll on our health, on top of the environment. Nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide released into the air by fossil fuels can cause serious health impacts when inhaled over time. Since renewable energy sources produce almost zero greenhouse emissions, this has a considerable improvement on air quality.

You can check out our guide on the Greenest Energy Providers in Australia to find out how your energy plan stacks up. If you’re eager switch to a greener provider, or simply want to know if there’s a cheaper plan out there, we can help. Our online comparison tool can help you compare electricity plans from a range of providers, and we can even take care of the switch.

Sally Writes 01 Feb 2021