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Tips For Choosing The Right Real Estate Agent

Are you looking for a real estate agent to sell your home? There are lots of real estate agencies out there, but not all of them are best placed to sell your property. Your home is probably your most valuable asset, so it is vital that you find a real estate agent who is going to get the best price. How do you know which one will be right for your property?

Here are some tips for researching and finding a good real estate agent who will get you the best sales price.

Choose A Local

Location, location, location! A lot of property buyers look at the suburb or town they want to live in before they consider the property itself. When choosing a real estate agent, make sure you go with someone who is local to the area and knows it well. You want them to be able to sell the lifestyle of your area and speak to the advantages of living in that location. An agent with good local knowledge will know about schools, transport, demographics and the sorts of buyers looking for homes in the area.

Additionally, a local agent will understand the market in your area and know other properties which have sold recently. This means that are well placed to know where your home sits in the market, and give you realistic advice about potential sales prices and more.

Meet And Greet

Sometimes the best way to know if you like an agent is to see them in action. Go to some open homes and auctions in your area to get a sense of the different real estate agents. Some things to look for include how they interact with potential buyers, how knowledgeable they appear, and how proactive they are about showing the home and encouraging people to buy it. When you visit their open-for-inspections, check if they arrive on time, if they are able to answer all questions competently, and if they create a welcoming environment for potential buyers to view the home. Follow up is equally important – a good agent will contact buyers later on to see if they need more information or would like to view the formal documentation related to the home.

Check The Results

While an agent might have a great personality and know the area well, it’s all about the final sales price. Look at the agent’s results, including how much they got for properties and how long it took them to make the sale. While some homes will spend a long time on the market for all sorts of reasons, if a particular agent always has prolonged sales campaigns, they’re probably best avoided!

Make Sure It Feels Right

Even if your agent has a great track record and is an expert in your area, if they don’t feel like they are the right person for you, then choose someone else. It’s important that you feel comfortable with your agent and able to ask questions and have open lines of communication throughout the sales process. Remember, selling your house is a big deal, and there’s no reason to add further stress by having an agent you don’t feel good about.

Sally Writes 05 May 2021