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What is the Average Gas Bill?

Found yourself staring down at your latest gas bill wondering how it compares to the average gas bill in Australia? Knowing how your bill stacks up against others can help you determine whether you could be getting a better deal on your gas price.

Average Quarterly Gas Bill

It can be difficult to determine an accurate benchmark for how expensive your gas bill should be. Examining the average bill can be quite an ambiguous measurement as it incorporates differing gas charges as well as differing usage behaviour. However, these figures provide a good starting point to compare your own bills against.

The average gas bill in Australia can actually vary quite heavily, depending on which state you live in. In fact, according to a survey by Canstar Blue, ACT residents pay, on average, almost double that of their Western Australian counterparts.

Below is a breakdown of the average quarterly gas bill according to each state:

  • Western Australia - $152/quarter
  • Queensland - $204/quarter
  • New South Whales - $226/quarter
  • South Australia - $237/quarter
  • Victoria - $299/quarter
  • ACT - $303/quarter

Factors That Determine Your Gas Bill

Gas Usage

From how many gas appliances you own, to the size of your house and how many people live there - how you use your gas will determine how your bill aligns with the average.

It’s estimated we use almost 40% of our household energy on heating and cooling. Do you find yourself relying heavily on heating in your home, rather than wearing layers? This could be a key player in why your bill seems astronomically higher than the average. 

It’s also worth keeping an eye on the efficiency of your gas appliances. If these are faulty or not performing efficiently, you could be wasting precious money on gas you aren’t even using.

Supply Charge

There are, however, some factors that can impact the price you’re paying that have nothing to do with how long you’re leaving the heater on for. Regardless of how much gas you actually use, your supplier will charge you a fixed fee for supplying gas to your property. This can differ from supplier to supplier and will show up on your bill as cents per day or as a total amount for the billing period.

How To Reduce Your Gas Bill

If your gas bill seems wildly out of proportion to the expected average for your state, it could be worth checking out our tips to saving on your gas usage rates. Or maybe it’s time to consider switching your gas provider. With so many plans on the market, you could be missing out on finding a better deal for you home. Plus, gas prices can fluctuate frequently, which is good news if you’re willing to shop around to secure a good deal.

Our team of experts can help you compare different options to find the right gas plan for you. They can even help you make the switch between providers when you find the best value plan. Get in touch today or start comparing online now.

Sally Writes 01 Feb 2021