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What is the NBN? How the National Broadband Network Works

What is the National Broadband Network? Even though we’ve all been hearing about it for over a decade now, do you know what the NBN actually is?

In a nutshell, the NBN is how nearly every Australian will eventually access the Internet, and maybe the way you already do. But most of us don’t really understand what the NBN is. Since it affects almost all of us, it’s worth learning a bit more about it.

What Is It?

The NBN is the new broadband [link to broadband page] network that has been rolled out across Australia ever since the project was founded in 2009. It’s replacing Australia’s old copper network with new broadband technologies, such as fibre-optic cable, to deliver faster and more reliable Internet to every Australian home and business.

The NBN is a wholesaler, which means they do not sell directly to the public. Instead, they partner with Internet and telecommunication service providers [link to comparison page] who sell you a plan that is connected via the NBN.

Why Do We Need It?

Australia’s existing copper network was not built to cope with the 21st century demand for fast and infallible Internet connection.

With the NBN network, reliable Internet connection will be the basic service available to every Australian, regardless of where they live. The purpose of the NBN was to bridge the ‘digital divide’ so that access to fast Internet at affordable prices became universal.

Who Is Building the NBN?

NBN Co are the government business entity that owns, builds, runs and maintains the infrastructure that supports the NBN. NBN Co is wholly owned by the Commonwealth of Australia, which means they are held accountable to strict regulations and guidelines to ensure they meet the government’s Statement of Expectations.

Can I Get The NBN?

The NBN rollout was set to be completed by this year, so in all likelihood, access to the NBN is already available in your area. To check whether the NBN is available for you, you can search your address on the NBN Co’s rollout map.

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Is There Something I Need To Do?

There are very few Australians who do not use the Internet or even simply a landline phone. Unless you fall into that small minority, the NBN requires action on your part in order to deliver you a better Internet service.

You will need to move your phone and Internet services over to the NBN before your services are switched off. There is usually an 18-month-period from the time the NBN becomes available in your area to becoming the only option for sourcing your Internet.

You are not automatically connected to the NBN, which means you need to be the one to change your phone and Internet services to one offered over the NBN.

Want To Further Discuss the NBN?

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Sally Writes 19 Oct 2020