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What You Should Look for in a Gas Plan

What You Should Look for in a Gas Plan

Are you looking for a better deal on your gas plan? Energy and Gas have a few tips on what to look out for when choosing a gas plan in order to ensure that it is more suitable to you.

Regularly comparing your gas plan can help you to take advantage of the competitive Australian gas market and find a more affordable deal, helping you to cut down the cost of your gas bill. But choosing the right gas plan for your household is a little trickier than many people think; there are a few things you should look out for when choosing your gas plan in order to find a better deal.

Compare Retailers as Well as Plans

Often, when choosing a gas plan, people only look at a single retailer and choose between the different plans they have to offer. To get a better deal, however, you should be investigating a wide range of retailers as well as all the plans they have to offer. At Energy and Gas, we understand that this can be a time-consuming a tedious task, which is why we can compare a large variety of gas providers and plans in order to help you find a more affordable plan.

Take Supply Charges into Consideration

A lot of people only look at the usage charges that a gas plan provides and completely ignore the supply charge. However, if your household doesn’t tend to use much gas, the daily supply charge might end up being a significant expense of your gas bill. So, if you’re attracted to a gas plan because of its low usage charge rates, make sure they aren’t making up for the price with their supply charge.

Take Advantage of Benefits and Discounts

As well as supply charges and usage rates, many gas plans offer additional benefits and discounts which may be the deciding factor for you choosing one plan over another. These factors include:

  • Conditional Discounts – Some gas plans offer limited-time discounts if you sign up during a certain period, or provide regular discounts when you pay on-time or by debit.
  • Bill Smoothing – Some providers offer bill smoothing, which enables you to pay the estimated cost of your yearly gas bill in equal instalments weekly, monthly or fortnightly.
  • Additional Fees – Make sure that you check whether a plan may charge additional fees, such as exit fees or late payment fees.

Contract Types – Does the plan include a lock-in contract? If so, you may have difficulty changing your plan if a more suitable one comes on the market.

Sally Writes 09 Jul 2020