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Why Compare Your Gas Plan, Provider & Prices?

Why Compare Your Gas Plan?

If you haven’t compared your gas plan in a while, it’s likely that you’re paying more than you need to. By comparing your gas provider and price with Energy and Gas, we can help you switch to a more affordable and cost-effective plan.

Most households rely on gas for a wide variety of everyday appliances and functions, including gas stoves, hot water systems and ducted heating systems. If you’re not careful, the price of your gas bill can quickly become a painful regular expense. By understanding the components of your gas bill and comparing your gas plan, you can choose a plan that better suits your individual circumstances and needs. 

While the differences in some gas plans may seem marginal at first, the compounded expense can certainly add up over time. That’s why you should consider comparing your gas plan sooner rather than later—and on a regular basis.

What to Consider When it Comes to Your Gas Plan

There are a few things you should take into consideration when deciding which gas plan is most suitable for you, including:

  • Supply charges: Supply charges vary according to provider but also reviewed and changed every year. As such, it’s beneficial to regularly review your gas plan and provider as you may discover that there’s a cheaper option out there.
  • Discounts: Some gas providers and plans offer monetary incentives and discounts, such as pay-on-time discounts.

What Makes Up Your Gas Bill?

Knowing the various components of your gas bill can help you to understand what to look for when choosing a new provider and plan. It’s also important that you read the fine print so that you don’t get trapped in a plan you may want to change later or have to pay unexpected costs. For example, is there a lock-in contract? Do you have to pay a connection or exit fee?

Additionally, it’s helpful to be aware of the charges you are paying each time you pay your gas bill. Knowing what these charges are will help you to make an informed decision when choosing your gas plan. These charges are:

  • Daily supply charge: This is the daily fee you pay for the provider supplying your property with gas. This fee applies no matter how much or little gas you use.
  • Usage charge: This is the fee you pay for the amount of gas you use and is charged in cents per megajoule (c/MJ).
Sally Writes 29 Jun 2020