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Why Switch Energy Suppliers When Moving House

Moving house can be stressful at the best of times, so you may be wondering why you should switch energy suppliers on top of it all. Afterall, when you move house, your energy plan will move with you. But it can be easy to slip into the convenience of keeping your current plan without realising there could be a better deal out there.

Moving house can be the perfect prompt to compare energy supplies and potentially make the switch. We’ll run you through a few of the top reasons to switch energy suppliers when moving house.

Find A Better Price

Considering there are over 30 energy retailers in Australia, can you be confident your provider is offering you the best price? One of the biggest reasons you should consider switching energy providers when moving house is to save yourself money on those power bills.

With so many suppliers on the market, pricing is often competitive. Beyond just the energy rates offered, which can fluctuate, keep an eye out for various discounts. Some energy retailers offer pay on time discounts which can save you money on each bill if you’re a punctual payer.

Find A Supplier Aligned To Your Values

Is finding a provider that generates their energy from renewable sources important to you? Granted, there is no retailer who can deliver 100% green energy to your home, due to the way the electricity grid works. However, there are providers on the market who have a far better Green Energy Ranking than others. For you, this may be a retailer who does not own a power plant, or maybe a provider who offers deals for solar consumers.

Tip: Did you know that if you have solar panels you may be eligible for solar electricity rebates through certain energy suppliers? Switching to a provider who rewards your renewable energy contributions could save you precious dollars come bill time.

Find A Plan With Flexibility

Lock in contracts aren’t great for everyone. If you’re after an energy plan that offers flexibility in changing account details or early termination, then it can pay to shop around. This feature is particularly appealing if you’re renting and likely to change your address more often. You may even find a deal that allows you to lock in your energy rates for certain periods.

For some, having a bill cycle that lines up with their rent cycle can be extremely convenient. Certain providers may offer flexible payment terms on a fortnightly or monthly basis.

It’s Free

And finally – you have nothing to lose. Using Compare and Connect’s comparison service is completely free and allows you to compare plans from Australia’s top energy providers. Plus, if you find a plan worth making the switch for, our team of experts can make the switch for you.

Head online or give us a call to chat to our friendly team and find out how we can help you find the perfect plan before you move.

Sally Writes 01 Feb 2021