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Reduce Your Power Bill: Use Your Air Conditioner Efficiently

Air conditioners are a saving grace when it comes to surviving an Australian summer. But those warmer days can quickly transpire into an inner conflict over staying cool vs blowing out your power bill.

Understanding how to use your air conditioner efficiently can allow you to keep your home cool without tripling your power consumption. Our energy experts have pulled together some tips on reducing your power bill by using your air condition in the most efficient way possible.

Energy Efficient Appliances

The first thing to realise is that not all air conditioners are created equal in terms of their overall energy efficiency. There are vast differences between each type of aircon, from split systems to portable aircons. Ducted cooling and split system air conditioning units tend to be the most energy efficient options available. Conversely, portable aircons, while affordable upfront, will suck up the most power and should only be used to cool small spaces.

Energy Ratings

These days, almost every new appliance will come with an Energy Rating. The more stars an appliance is awarded in their rating, the more energy efficient they are, are the more money you’ll save on running costs.

Before you purchase your next air conditioner unit, we recommend jumping online to do a bit of research into the energy ratings of different models. This is the first step in ensuring you’re cooling your house in an energy efficient manner.

Ideal Air Conditioner Temperature

So, what is the ideal temperature to set you air conditioner at? If you’re wanting to bring down the temperature on a hot day, the ideal setting is between 24-26 degrees. It may be tempting to set it blasting on 18 degrees, but this is going to consume a ton of power and cost you a fortune. According to the department of energy, each degree cooler you set your aircon to can increase your power costs by 10%.

Make Use Of Your Air Conditioner Settings

Fan Setting

On warm days that don’t demand an intense cool down, try switching to the fan setting on your air conditioner unit rather than the cooling setting. This can provide a cool breeze to cut through the heat without consuming a large amount of energy.


We all know the temptation of leaving the aircon running while we duck out of the house so we can escape back into our cool home upon return. But leaving the air conditioner to run while no one is home is a quick way to rack up a pricey power bill.

Instead, use the timer settings on your unit to schedule the aircon to turn on right before you arrive home. This will ensure your house is cool without wasting power throughout the day.

Want to know more about reducing your power bill? Why not compare your energy plan with our free online comparison tool to ensure you’re getting the best deal available? Our friendly team of experts are on deck to help you find the right energy plan for your needs.

Sally Writes 01 Feb 2021