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NBN Internet Bundles Explained | Choosing an NBN Internet Bundle

NBN Internet Bundles Explained

The National Broadband Network, also known as the NBN, has been rolled out across Australia over the past decade. Today, nearly every Australian household can connect to the NBN to access their Internet.

To connect to the NBN, you must sign up for a plan through an Internet service provider (ISP), such as Aussie Broadband or Telstra. These NBN plans often offer a lot more than simply broadband Internet. Instead, it’s common to purchase an NBN plan that includes a landline phone connection or an entertainment package.

To help you decide which NBN bundle to get (or whether it’s worth it at all), here is our guide to NBN Internet bundles.

How Does an NBN Bundle Work?

There are all kinds of NBN bundles that provide your Internet connection along with a landline phone connection and an entertainment package, such as Foxtel, Binge or Fetch.

Each ISP has their own partnerships and deals. Telstra, for example, offers entertainment add-ons such as Telstra TV, Foxtel, Xbox All Access, Kayo Sports and Binge. Telstra’s entertainment add-ons range from an extra $9 a month to $25 a month, depending on the package. This is in addition to the NBN plan itself.

There is an abundance of NBN bundles available from various Australian ISPs. With Optus, for example, every NBN plan comes bundled for free with Optus Sport. Optus also provides a bundle deal with Fetch TV, another subscription television service that is growing in popularity.

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Right NBN Bundle

Deciding on an NBN bundle doesn’t have to be complicated. To make it even easier, here are some things you should consider when looking:

  • Ensure the NBN bundle comes with the correct speed tier to suit your Internet demands
  • Check whether you already own an appropriate modem or will need to purchase one from the ISP
  • Enquire into hidden costs that may not be advertised in the price of the bundle
  • Decide which entertainment package you would get the most value out of and avoid add-ons you are unlikely to use
  • Make sure the length of the contract is right for you

Is an NBN Bundle Worth the Money?


NBN bundles offer great simplicity and convenience. There is less for you to think about and organise when your entertainment services, home phone and Internet bill is all lumped into one.

Having a bundle deal could also come in handy if you were ever to move to a new house. You could liaise with just a single ISP to have your home phone, Internet and entertainment disconnected then reconnected so that it’s ready to go when you move in.

Furthermore, the NBN bundle is bound to be cheaper than purchasing each element of the bundle separately. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean the bundle is worthwhile.


Adding a landline phone service to your NBN plan might be cheap but not if you don’t use it enough to justify the extra amount. Landline phones are becoming a thing of the past thanks to the growing reliance on mobile phones and apps, such as Skype and Whatsapp, that make international calls possible through the Internet. 

Entertainment packages could also go underutilised if the package you choose doesn’t offer the sort of TV and movies you love to watch. These add-ons tend to be more expensive than landline phones, for example, so it’s important to choose carefully so as to avoid spending unnecessary money on a monthly basis.

For help finding the best NBN plan suited to your needs and lifestyle, enlist the help of our experts at Compare and Connect. At no extra cost to you, we can find the perfect NBN plan for you in minutes!

Sally Writes 22 Jan 2021